Apartments in Warsaw

Find your apartment in Wilanów Tulip

New apartments for sale in a beautiful district of Warsaw - we will help you with a difficult choice

We have to offer you comfortable, new apartments for sale in the green district of Warsaw - Wilanów. We know very well how difficult the choice awaits customers who decide to buy a flat. The final decision must, after all, take into account how the flat is located, its size, whether it has a balcony or a garden. We will gladly advise and help you choose. In addition, below is a list of apartments with exact yardage and projections that are helpful in making the right purchase.



Who can live in Wilanów Tulip?

The answer, of course, is simple - everyone. Anyone who wants to live in a quiet place with a high standard. Our apartments, which we offer for sale, have ideal conditions for living for both singles and larger families. If you are looking for a place in Warsaw, surrounded by beautiful areas, near the Vistula River, Wilanów - Zawady will surely meet your expectations.

Excellent location with good access

Flats for sale will be located in the south - eastern part of Wilanów, at Syta and Łokciowa streets. Future residents will be able to easily move by a car and public transport to other parts of Warsaw. The ease of using the access is a big plus and saves time, which is why we are convinced that new residents will certainly benefit from it. The time saved can be spent on common moments among your loved ones.

Do you consider buying an apartment in Wilanów Tulip?

Contact our sales office!

Attractive green areas

The Vistula nature of Zawady makes everyone feel good here. The apartment located close to nature is a guarantee of peace and harmony throughout the year. Our new housing estate, which includes development apartments, is a place for both living, resting and practicing various activities. An additional plus is that the estate borders with the green Morysin reserve, which attracts people who value silence and want to actively use the charms of nature.

Comfortable development apartments

Choosing Wilanów as a location for building a new housing estate we were guided by the fact that we want to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable. One of the most important things in life, directly related to comfort is a sense of security and it is precisely on this need that we have focused the most. From many ideas that we had, we decided to build a place that will not have an overwhelming number of floors and flats. We believe that the intimate buildings will affect the fact that every resident will be able to spend time here in an atmosphere of complete comfort and the aforementioned security.

Modernity and class

Careful location of rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, great design and precision in performance are the main advantages of Wilanów Tulip. We assume that the well-being of future residents of the housing estate is a priority for us, which is why when designing new apartments for sale, we took into account that they would be original, and anyone who would spend their time in them felt as good as possible.

A dream come true for buying a new flat

We know how many people dream about their ideal place on earth. We are coming out against you and we present a wide range of apartments: 1-, 2-, 3 and 4-room. The high standard, diverse structure and diverse size mean that everyone who decides to live in this beautiful district of Warsaw - Wilanów - will find something suitable for himself, something that will meet his requirements and tastes.

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