Find the best mortgage offer

The real estate finance department was created in response to our clients' questions regarding favorable mortgage offers for the purchase of a flat in our investment.

It is created by a team of experts with many years of experience gained in banks and major financial intermediation companies.

The offer of our department includes selected credit products of many banks and innovative solutions that allow us to meet the expectations of our clients. The consumer using the expert services we provide may use the selected mortgage product for residential purposes or other consumption purposes.

Transparency and flexible deadlines

At the beginning, we suggest contacting our experts. The place and time of the meeting is determined individually. During the meeting, the needs of our clients are recognized in order to offer credit offers that are maximally matched. During the conversation, solutions in printed form are presented, taking into account the essential elements that make up the mortgage loan.

Support and contact

After agreeing on details, the client receives a list of documents brought to the necessary minimum. Our clients are kept informed about the credit process and application status, and our experts together with clients discuss credit decisions, explain doubts, are present at the signing of a loan agreement

Help in formalities

Our financing department offers Clients an additional, very convenient and free service - on behalf of our clients, we submit to the Court documents allowing for the establishment of a mortgage on a loaned premises. We also prepare a "map" of mandatory, formal formalities, necessary for settling by customers after obtaining a loan.

If you are looking for the best credit solutions, contact us today:

Phone: 510 235 018


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