Sale of apartments on the new housing estate

Wilanów Tulip - a new housing estate in a great location

The unquestionable value of the estate is the unique location, in the residential part of Wilanów-Zawady, which allows those who value peace and quiet to enjoy the full and active use of the beauties of nature. The estate borders with the old Vistula nature of Wilanów Królewski and the Morysin nature reserve. This is a place that encourages people to actively spend their time.

A new housing estate with good access to the center

We offer you apartments for sale located in a place with excellent public transport with other districts of Warsaw. The car as well as public transport will enable comfortable travel to other districts as well as a quick departure from the city. Wilanów, as a well-connected district, will fall to the tastes of every new inhabitant of Wilanów Tulip. It is important that the place where we decide to live ensures independence and comfort associated with communication and rapid movement.

Sale of apartments on a new housing estate in a beautiful district of Wilanów

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a city that attracts due to its greater opportunities, attractiveness and prospects for development. Ideal for living both for young people just looking for their place on earth, as well as for those who have already established families and lead a stable life. Regardless of who it is at the stage of life, immediately after choosing a city, you have to face the decision which district of Warsaw will be the most suitable for us. The new housing estate in the Wilanów district is an excellent choice for people who value comfort and peace and are looking for a place where they can actively relax.

Comfort and active rest

Countless bicycle routes, walking trails and the Vistula beaches provide active leisure. In the immediate vicinity there is a golf course and Lake Park, a place for practicing wakeboarding. Throughout the day, guests of Lake Park can get acquainted with the delights served by the chef, and on the weekend evenings there are DJs, live acts and outstanding bartenders. The whole takes place on a beautiful beach.

It is important to have the most comfortable living and resting places near your place of residence. Each of us values the comfort associated with the location of shops or other service points needed on a daily basis. We encourage you to read the detailed and detailed offer related to the purchase of apartments in the Wilanów - Zawady district.

Do you consider buying an apartment in Wilanów Tulip?

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