Technical specifications

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The buildings of both stages One and Two have been designed to create a common, internal green area, arranged to include private gardens. The estate will be fenced. Included in the spaces of the Stage One buildings will be the concierge desk. Equal height low-rise buildings (approx.12m) are made up of one floor below ground (garage) and three storeys: ground floor, first floor, and upper floor. Each storey has a hallway with apartment entrances, access to the stairwell, and lift access.


The spacial arrangement of the estate is composed of a multiplied basic module – a single building. The rhythm of the modular architecture is enriched by section mirror images, creating a characteristic layout of entrances and overhangs. A distinctive element are the gable walls of the buildings, emphasising rhythm and creating an attractive styling of a relatively long development. Balconies and building tectonics create the sculpted elevation of each individual building.

Stage I

  • complex of low-rise, three storey residential buildings (ground floor, first floor, upper floor), with a single level underground garage
  • 77 apartments, of 1 to 4 rooms, with balconies, terraces, or private gardens
  • 87 parking spaces in the underground garage
  • concierge room

Stage II

  • complex of low-rise, three storey residential buildings (ground floor, first floor, upper floor), with a single level underground garage
  • 77 apartments, of 1 to 4 rooms, with balconies, terraces, or private gardens
  • 88 parking spaces in the underground garage


  • gardens, balconies, terraces
  • area lighting low
  • approx. 180cm estate fencing, with approx. 90cm internal fencing between gardens
  • balustrades, balcony and terrace barriers – galvanised steel, painted, with perforated stainless steel sheeting
  • imitation wood PVC window joinery, and anti-theft joinery on the ground floor
  • facade: imitation stone finishing, mineral clinker panels, BSO coating
  • stoneware tiled balcony floors
  • timber structure pitched roofs creating the upper floors
  • patio with stairs, a green area, playground, gardens


  • independent entry to each of the 20 buildings in the estate
  • aluminium framed glazed hallway doors
  • stoneware tile hallway floor finishing
  • walls – painted plastered walls, stoneware finishing around elevator entrances, chipboard with imitation wood laminate around apartment entrance doors, with apartment number display
  • wood laminate chipboard shaft doors
  • powder coated steel balustrades
  • elevators servicing all floors


  • ceiling height of approx. 2,7m, and apartments on the upper floor of up to 5,4m at their highest point
  • mechanical gypsum plastering, grade III
  • enhanced security apartment entrance doors with a wooden or system threshold
  • floating floor groundwork with cement screed
  • apartments equipped with electrical and technical installations, including electrical equipment: light switches, electric sockets, electric cooker three-phase AC power source, AC and telecommunication distribution boards, intercom
  • apartments equipped with central heating, including radiators with valves and thermostatic regulators
  • individual consumption meters for electricity, hot and cold water, and central heating
  • gravitational ventilation, air supply through window or wall ventilators


  • flooring – concrete with resin finishing
  • reinforced concrete walls, masonry walls are plastered and painted
  • ceilings – wool system insulation
  • garage doors – remote controlled
  • individual spaces, including disabled parking, as well as independent system parking platforms

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